Monday, April 11, 2005

Why do I think of new idea's?

Yesterday when I knew that I should have been working on my step-daughters monkey, I came up with a pattern for a crocheted take-a-long bag. It's not like it's anything different from other crochet totes, but I like the pattern so far anyways.

The pattern so far only consists of single crochets, but that could change. I'm only on the front of the piece. I know I will have to line the bag, and I already have a design in mind for that too. I was thinking of adding pocket on the outside to put the hooks and a small pair of scirrors in.

Too many patterns running through my head. No where near enough time to make them all. Maybe if I didn't spend so much time to the computer, I would have more time to crochet. (The only way that's going to happen is if my computer breaks down again.)

I will post a pattern as soon as I'm done making it. I am writing it down as I go. And as soon as I get a digital camera, I will post pics.

Crocheted Monkey

PS: Here's a link for today, it has lot's of cute patterns on it.


Jewels said...

welcome to blogging about Crochet and also Crochetville.

Crocheted Monkey said...

Thanks jewels.