Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I'm still awake...

It's been a bad week for sleep. On Monday I worked the closing shift at work (12-9), and then I had to walk to the local Ford Dealership (MGM Ford) because my rides truck was getting an oil change there. Long story short the mechanic left my rides keys in another customers car. I didn't get home until 11pm that night.

Then I had to work the opening shift the next day (8am-5pm). I drank 64oz of coffee from Petro-Can, and still felt asleep. On top of that I was PMSing. (PS, if the customer who I pissed off is reading this, I'm sorry, I really do care about my job, I was just having a bad day). On the way home it started snowing, blowing directly in the opposite direction that I was walking. I didn't get to bed until 10pm, and didn't fall asleep right away.

Today I woke up with 10 minutes to get ready for work, it would have been okay if I was going to start working at 8am, but I had said yesterday that I would be in early to help clear up some of the back log of stock. The day went okay. But I have yet to spend any work on any of my crocheted or knitting projects.

Although one good thing has happend today, I got my Crochetville Summer Swap parteners name today. Woo-who!
Speaking of knitting and crocheting, here's my WIP list for today...

1. The infamous crocheted monkey for my step-daughter. Seriously, do you guys think I should frog this project (Input please.)
2. The knitted poncho for a christmas present. Still no more yarn for that project, so no progress either, once I finish one project I'll buy more yarn for this one first.
3. The Diamond and Lace poncho. I have to buy more yarn for that one.
4. The Blue Jean Shawl. You guessed it, I need more yarn.
5. And finally... The crochet tote bag that I am designing. So far I've made the back and the bottom
6. The cabled knitted sweater for my friend at work. I swear I've frogged the part I'm working on for the last time.
7. And I've started a poncho for another friend at work using the Patons Grace that I bought last week.

I've got to promise myself that I will not start anymore projects until I atleast get one of the projects done.

Crocheted Monkey

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