Sunday, April 24, 2005

Another week begins

It's Sunday morning again and I'm procrastinating. I should be cleaning up the living room right now, and instead I'm posting on my site and checking out . Bad me.

Bad me on the yarn buying front too. I went to Michaels on Friday after work to buy some stitch holders for the previously mentioned knitted sweater, and instead I left with 5 balls of Patons Grace. I could help it though, the colors I bought were on clearnce though for $2 each. On the way home I figured out it would probably make a great summer poncho for either me or my step-daughter. I'm an addict to buying yarn, and I don't want a cure.

Yesterday my Dad and Grandma went to Ponka to see my Grandpa. He looked really well by the time we left.

I should go and clean.

Crocheted Monkey

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Jewels said...

That's ok, cleaning can always wait. I crocheted all weekend and feel MUCH better than if I had cleaned allweekend. That's proof isn't it? LOL