Monday, May 30, 2005

I went shopping

Today Scott left for Edmonton to finish his training for his oilfield job, so what did I decided to do. Go shopping of course. I only went to two different stores, but I ended with a haul that I got.
1 skien of Merion Classic wool in Bright Red
2 pairs of Flip flops (one for me and one for my step-daughter, Kiri)
3 crochet hooks, sizes C, E, & G
1 package of pink iridencent beads
1 package of pin backings
1 tape measure

Now I get to have fun and clean (not!)

Crocheted Monkey


Kimberly said...

Yet another good increase to your stash! Welcome btw to the Yarn Addicts Unite web ring!!

Deneen said...

Between what your grandmother gave you and what you bought, you have an awesome stash now!! Lucky gal!

The cell cozy pattern worked up so nice, thank you for letting me be a tester!