Sunday, January 27, 2008

Second post in a month... something must be wrong, lol

Wow, I managed to post before the beginning of Feb...

So anyways I have decided to stop using my pattern blog, (while gosh darn it, it's not like I had more then one pattern on there). But happy, happy, joy, joy, I do have a new pattern to post on here. (While actually more like guidelines for a project then anything)

So a little back ground, I bought a 5th Generation Ipod Nano a couple of weeks ago. This weekend I went looking around for a cover for it that I liked, and would be pratical. Alas no such thing existed here in New West, so what does a crafty girl do, make her own of course. I went to the other side of my room, looked at my stash, picked out the perfect yarn (not wool cause it's acrylic), pick up a hook and started crocheted. So without further ado here is the pattern

Carol's Quicky Ipod Cover

Yarn: Bernat Softee Bouncle
Hook: US H (5mm)

Gauge: Tight (cause I hate making gauge swatches)


Ch 7

Row 1: 3 sc in second ch from hook, sc in next 4 chs, 3 sc in last ch, working on the reverse side, sc in next 4 chs, join.

Row 2-as long as you want it: sc in each sc around, join.

When the cover is as high as you would like it to be, cut yarn and weave in ends.

I think including writing up this post the cover took me less then an hour to make.

Now that I have a working camera I have posted a pic :)


aka Crocheted Monkey

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