Thursday, December 27, 2007

Things to remember when you bring your pointy sticks to work

Ok, so I have hit a slight snag at work on working on my current project, I forgot to bring my knitting "medical" kit with me to work. What do I mean by medical kit

1) Crochet hook, to pick up those damn droped stitches
2) Measuring tape, pretty self explaintory
3) Darning needle for those loose ends
4) Hand lotion, cause some fibers dry out my hands

Out of that all I have here at work tonight is hand lotion, and I just dropped a stitch down half a dozen rows. (Insert fave curse word here)

Maybe I should make my work project from now on a crochet one instead...


Aka Crocheted Monkey

1 comment:

Rake said...

If we ever have a first aid thing to deal with we'll use my medical kit, ok? :-)