Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm not admitting to anything...

Ok, time for the annual holy crap I'm another year older post.

So this year, I'm so totally not ready to admit that I'm another year older. I mean, besides finally finding a half decent job here in BC, and becoming a knitwear/crochet designer on Raverly, I haven't done much this year.

Ok, I did move out finally into my own appartment. Although for about 4 months of that my oldest brother (aka SG Rake) lived with me. The appartment though is a crappy place. The floor is falling apart, the hot water tap on the bath tub is broken, and the patio door isn't even. (And the heat is still on full blast, although my thermostat is set at 0). But still it's my place. It isn't a share accomidation, it isn't living with my SO, and it isn't a family members house/apartment. It's mine, and only my name is on the lease.

Granted that still doesn't mean that I'm not pineing on moving back to Alberta. I seriously don't think I can do another winter of rain. Winter is susposed to be about that lovely white stuff falling from the sky, not wondering which room is going to leak because of the excess rain.

Granted there has been alot of fun times this past year as well. Art came out here this past Feb. The 3 of us went to Vancouver Island to visit with Grandma, and two of our aunts. (Sad side note though, Murphy, the dog which belongs to one of my aunts has passed on). I had lots of fun, but my visit was cut short since I had to come back to the hotel and work.

So for any of my readers, what are your favorite memories of me in the last 26 years? What do you think I'll be doing 26 years from now? Leave a comment here, or email me at crocheted_monkey@hotmail.com or crochetedmonkey@gmail.com

Oh and "Rain, Rain go away come back another day"

Crocheted Monkey aka Carol

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